Meeting Minutes: 29 October 2018

Rail Haverhill Meeting Minutes
29th October 2018 19.00-21:00


Heike Sowa, Robert Washington, Gemma Brewin, Peter Cundall, Bob Edwards, Jenny Edwards, Marcus Field-Rayner, Martin Ott, Nathan Clough.

John Burns

1, We welcome Martin Ott to the Group. Martin joins the Group as its new Chair, continuing the great work of Heike Sowa, but as a fresh member would need some time to ramp up. Heike has agreed to extend her assistance to allow this.

Long-standing Group member Marcus Field-Rayner joins the elected Committee as Vice-Chair, supporting Martin in his new role.

A full handover of Chair duties to take place on Thursday 22 November.

A strong thank you from all Group members to Heike for her long-standing service as Chair.

2, History of Rail Haverhill committee, campaign partners and mission statement discussed.

3, Social media is performing well.

4, No significant news, but concerns raised that today’s Chancellor’s budget focussed more on road improvements than rail.

5, Discussion around including promo material in with Council Tax bills – AI to work with St Edmundsbury Council regarding this.

6, Signatures still deemed as relevant moving forward, so will build on this list moving forward.

7, Cost-benefit analysis discussed. Determined that we’re at a crossroads with the various transport initiatives in Cambridge.

8, Guided busways being reassessed and may become light rail. Widely acknowledged by various campaign groups that buses are not a sustainable option.

9, Election of the vacant Treasurer position will take place at the next Committee meeting.

10, The next meeting will be on 4th February 2019 (19.00) at Haverhill Arts Centre.

The meeting closed at 21.00.

Future dates;
7th December 2018 – Family Christmas Night
4th February 2019 – Committee Meeting

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