Meeting Minutes: 4 February 2019

Rail Haverhill Meeting Minutes
4th February 2019 19.00-21:00


Nathan Clough, Martin Ott, Bob Green, Peter Cundall, Keith Jobson, Dennis Wendall, Marcus Field-Rayner, Bob Edwards, Jennie Edwards, Heike Sowa.

Robert Washington, Quillon Fox, Ian Hammond, David Roach


1. Social Media Update

  • Online presence is going well. Most recent postings are reaching between 300 to 1000 people, which isn’t bad & shows continuing public support & appetite for a rail link.


2. Rail Haverhill Objectives

  • Reminder that light rail was agreed ahead of heavy rail in the last AGM.
  • What has changed since the last AGM?
    • Rapid Mass Transport System likely to be bus-based
    • Brexit has evolved and could in fact damage the demand on growth areas such as Haverhill as it potentially contracts Cambridge housing and business/research requirements.
  • Question on whether heavy rail is actually significantly costlier in real terms?
  • We are looking for a solution, regardless of its scope, to achieving a rail-based passenger service from Haverhill to Cambridge.
  • Idea floated in engaging with bus companies on build a local bus network to provide transport to/from the station.
  • Station location suggested on the Suffolk/Cambridgeshire border adjacent to Sainsbury’s.
  • Signatures to continue to be taken as and where possible using digital means, and to explore how real-time figures can be rendered on the website.


3. Review of Constitutional elements

  • Concern raised from the Chair on future of infrastructure and capital investment.
  • Agreement to continue consideration of a Colchester to Cambridge rail link, but primary focus is on the Haverhill to Cambridge stint.
  • Debate on what constitutes a ‘member’ – general feeling to continue with membership. Whether there should be a cost attach to membership attached also discussed – suggestions comprised annual membership costs.
  • £1 a meeting to continue until further notice. A topic to discuss in the next AGM (1 July 2019).
  • Stipulations on a 14-day notice period for each meeting to be scrapped in place of website, social media and email communications at the soonest available opportunity.
  • Mention of Trustees to be removed as this is no longer representative of the Group structure.
  • Names through the constitution will need to change from ‘RailHaverhill & The Cambridge to Colchester Rail Project’ to ‘Rail Haverhill’.


4. Opportunity to accept or request amendments to the meeting minutes sent on 21 November 2018

  • Agreement on sign off of minutes – passed to Committee Members, signed off and put online.
  • Moving forward meeting notes will be released as soon as possible once approved by the elected Committee.


5. Election of a Treasurer

  • Advert out on the website with social media update


6. AOB

  • The Chair wishes Members a Happy New Year, both Chinese and Western.



Heike: Contact Emma to provide future residential maps for Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.
Nathan: Paul Hollinghurst to be contacted regarding data processing of signatures
Martin and Heike: Invite James Palmer, Colin and Peter via email. Both to co-author its content.
Bob: Write Technical Report and send to Martin.
Martin: To confirm 25 March as a suggested date for next meeting at 19:00 – will relay decision to Nathan for promotion.
Heike: Contact Paul Richardson on current insurance status.
Nathan: Explore how real-time figures can be rendered on the website.
Nathan: Remind Martin of Committee email address login details.
Marcus: To attend the ‘RailFuture AGM’ in Bury St. Edmunds on 23 February and report back


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