Haverhill residents urged to support railway campaign

Fifteen thousand leaflets urging people to support a campaign for a railway have been posted through doors in Haverhill.

The campaign group, known as Rail Haverhill have created an online petition where local people can voice their support for reintroducing a railway to the town.

Leaflets encouraging residents to sign the petition have been distributed in Haverhill and the surrounding villages over the last month, and more are being printed.

Malcolm Hill, chairman of Rail Haverhill, said:

We have already had over 1,100 signatures, but we need about 4,000 to make it really effective. We are encouraged by the fact that a campaign for the restoration of the railway between Wisbech and March in Cambridge have had over 3,000 responses from a similar campaign.


If they get enough signatures, the petition will be presented to Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Essex county councils to encourage them to work together on a rail link.
The leaflets have been financed by the East Anglian branch of a national organisation called Railfuture.

Chairman of Railfuture East Anglia Peter Wakefield said:

Haverhill is growing very rapidly, and it will reach 40,000 people within a few years.
A high quality public transport link to take lots of people very fast into Cambridge would benefit Haverhill, Cambridge and everywhere in between.


Haverhill has not had a railway in nearly half a century, as it closed down in 1967.

Rail Haverhill is holding a public meeting at the Haverhill Arts Centre on Saturday, June 27 for members of the public who want to learn more about the campaign.

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